Flat Mop Bucket X6s

Short Description:

1.360 degree swivel mop head makes it easier to reach under furniture and around sharp corners.Picks up dirt, dust and grime at every turn.
2.It washes in the wash tub and squeezes dry in the dry tub. This design prevents you from using a dirty wet mop repeatedly.
3.Easy on your back thanks to the ergonomic design. No bending over to squeeze and clean your mop. Simply stick the mop in the bucket and it does the work.
4.The water cannot get outside the bucket. No more puddles and dirty water spots on your floors.
5.Microfiber pad for the best cleaning results.Easy to soak up liquids & pick up dust, dirt, debris & hair.Pads are multipurpose and are machine washable.

  • FOB PRICE: USD $4 -9 / Piece
  • MOQ: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Product Detail

    Separate Dirty Water From Clean Water

    Self Cleaning Flat Mop Bucket

    squeeze mop bucket (2)

    Self-Cleaning+Separate Dirty Water From Clean Water+360 rotate the mop head+3 pcs reusable mop cloth.

    The biggest advantage of our mop is that it can separate dirty water from clean water, save water, facilitate the use.

    Features of our this mop is splash guard to keep splash and spray inside bucket when wringing.

    Lazy mop With more powerful squeeze function, effective dehydration.Self wringing mop using high-quality microfiber , no hair loss, washable and reusable.

    Usage:Inject clean water into the clean area, rotate the upper button to inject water into the cleaning area, put the mop to push and pull up and down for cleaning,Dirty water from a mop will automatically flow into the dirty area.

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